Pay-Per-Click Online Marketing (PPC)

Through paid online marketing, your practice can advertise to a very specific group of Internet users at the exact time they are looking for your services online.

Imagine seeing your name or practice name on the first page of Google search results – above that of your competitors – within just 72 hours. That is what’s possible with pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.


Keyword analysis
Keyword selection
Waste prevention
Ad copywriting
Keyword bidding
Click-through rate
Keyword quality score
Landing page optimization
Negative keyword selection
Mobile marketing
Video (YouTube) ads
Content network ads

Bing and Yahoo search networks
Medical marketing
Graphic design
Google Analytics
Google Webmaster Tool
Google Adwords tests
Budgeting strategy
Ad ranking plans
Ad rotation scheduling
Ad extensions design
Keyword matching categories
And much more


Local Marketing & Review Management

As a dentist, you work with patients within a specific area. Even if you have multiple practice locations, the vast majority of your patients probably come from a specific region or practice radius. Why waste your marketing efforts on covering a broad audience when you could be doubling down on the people in your local market?

Here at Dental Marketing Canada, we help dentist like you compete by optimizing your local listings within the Google platform. When someone searches for a pediatric dentist in your city, we want your name to soar to the top of Google’s local results if you work within that specialty. Our team has a comprehensive understanding of how Google Maps, Google Local Listings, and Google Plus work together to help – or hurt – your visibility to potential patients. We can help set-up your practice for success both now and in the years to come.


Word of mouth has always been the most powerful form of advertisement. Today, online reviews make it easier than ever to find out the opinions of others. More and more people are looking to the Internet for recommendations and suggestions before making important consumer decisions. This is especially true when it comes to major choices, such as choosing a new family dentist or looking for someone who is experiences in dental implantology.

What are people saying about your practice online? There are entire websites created specifically to give consumers and patients a voice on the Internet. Sites like Google Plus and Yelp offer a speaking platform for consumers and patients who want to share their experiences – good or bad. It’s up to you to decide if you want to be part of that conversation.

What happens when a disgruntled patient shares a bad experience? Thousands of people might see it, and it could remain on the Internet for years to come. One person’s experience has the power to dissuade countless potential patients from visiting your office. Multiple bad reviews might even destroy and dentist’s online reputation altogether. So what can you do about it?

While online review sites are generally objective and unlikely to remove disparaging comments about your practice, there are other options. Here at Dental Marketing Canada, we pride ourselves on our innovative thinking and creative solutions.

We have created a competing online review platform that provides you – the dentist – control over your own online reviews. We have assisted multiple medical professionals in regain control of their online reputation through high-ranking, managed reviews that appear on the first page of Google search results. Contact our office for information or to see examples of physicians and dentists who have already taken advantage of this exciting technology.

Take Charge of Your Online Dental Marketing

Who’s in control of your presence online? If it’s not you, it’s someone else. Now is the time to establish your own dental marketing department and take your practice to the next level. Dental Marketing Canada offers an all-in-one marketing program, or you can pick and choose only the services you want. Some of our dental marketing options include:

Internet Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Local Marketing and Listing Management
Multi-Platform Ad Management (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and more)
Online Reputation Management
Social Media Account Management
Custom Content Creation
And Much More!

Niche-Specific Results Just For Dentists

There is a reason so many dentists turn to Dental Marketing Canada for their marketing needs. We understand the complexities of marketing your practice because we specialize in the medical and dental fields.

We understand your professional needs and concerns, including privacy issues, patient concerns, and the types of procedures that are relevant in your field. Our team can help you get the results you are looking for because we already know what you are looking for.

Forget the confusing contract, expensive set-up fees, and uncertainties that come with hiring other marketing teams. With Dental Marketing Canada, you can cancel anytime, and we will never charge you a set-up fee to market your practice. We stand behind our products and services 100 percent. What do you have to lose? Contact our team today to learn how professional online dental marketing could improve your practice success.

Web Design

Innovative design and conversion optimization help maximize the effectiveness of your marketing.

Online Marketing

Our comprehensive online strategy will help generate targeted new patient leads.

Web Development

Your website is the center of your practice’s marketing. We can help you maximize its effectiveness.

Search Optimization

We’ll put your practice in front of potential customers searching for your services.

Reputation Monitoring

We will help monitor your online reputation across the web.

Research & Analytics

We will help you track and understand your marketing and how it impacts the bottom line of your practice.

Video / Photography

We can create compelling videos and photography that showcase your practice in its best light.

Social Networking

Social media can help you engage existing patients and reach new ones.

Traditional Marketing

We can help with your logo, brochures, and other marketing to make sure your messaging stays consistent.

Email Marketing

We can help you develop trackable email marketing that will keep your practice top of mind for your patients.


Reach new clients and higher search position with fresh content about your leading products and services.

Content Writing

Creative, compelling content that excites and attracts readers.

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