Finding The Best Marketing For Dentists

A Small Business Marketing Consultant should perform a competitive marketing analysis that defines your competition, their strengths and  weaknesses, backlinks, etc.

As a Dentist, would you randomly drill teeth looking for a cavity? Or do you examine and x ray your patient’s teeth to get an overview of the  necessary work? A competitive analysis is like an x ray of your online competition.

If, after reviewing the competitive analysis, you wish to proceed on your own, I’ve listed some techniques that may be employed to gain page  one of Google local search.

Your main tool to market your dental practice is an optimized website. This publishing platform should have correct title page optimization,  internal links, site maps, keywords, meta data etc. A WordPress self hosted blog is a great choice. Stay away from flash animation sites.

A flash site looks cool the first time, but your clients will tire of it quickly. Your domain name should be geographically keyword optimized  to compete in your local market, as in Tampa You can get a vanity domain name ie., but you’ll rank more easily on the search engines with the former.

Utilize local directories. Create or claim your listing on Google Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp and more. Encourage your clients to add testimonials.

Write articles on your blog. This will keep your clients entertained and encourage search engine spiders to visit. Google loves fresh content.

Add lead capture to your site. Offer a free report to obtain the name and email addresses of visitors. Follow up and turn them into clients.

Video Marketing: Create videos of yourself and client testimonials. Place them on your site and submit to YouTube and other sites. Google owns  YouTube and ranks videos well.

This is but a thumbnail sketch of an online marketing campaign for Dentists.There are many more powerful ways to achieve traffic and rankings for your website.

But, if you are like many Dental professionals, you have very little time to implement these strategies, much less test and review your results regularly. The services of an expert in local search optimization will more than pay for themselves long term.

Web marketing for dentists allows dentists to improve the efficiency of their marketing efforts while keeping their marketing costs down.

Increase your visibility

This is the primary aim of web marketing for dentists. Targeted customers must be able to gain all kinds of useful information about the dentist from the website. The website must provide information about how to locate the dentist and understand more about the nature of services provided. In a service oriented domain, the right kind of information is worth its weight in gold.

Selling you as the brand:

This brings us to the second most important web marketing strategy for dentists. Web marketing for dental websites must focus more on creating and enhancing the brand of the dentist. Since the dentist is selling his or her own name, they need to make sure that the patient ‘gets’ why they must use the services of this particular dentist over others.

With service oriented businesses, more attention must be paid to the people availing the services than to specific search engine techniques.

This is because people are finding their way to the website through other means too, and not everyone who comes to your website through search engines will visit your clinic.

SEO services:
Effective web marketing for dentists must make use of SEO techniques to pull in pre-qualified visitors. SEO strategies push up the search engine rankings of the website. When search engine rankings go up, web traffic increases naturally. Since the people who find their way to a dental website through search engines are pre-qualified, the chances of getting business from them are very high. That is why investing in SEO has the power to bring good returns on investment.

Connect with the community:

One of the best ways of increasing traffic to your website is to be more involved with your community and build your own credibility through community involvement. Use your website or blog to showcase events, charities and other activities. Post important information on your website. Send out useful newsletters. In short, become a disseminator of useful information.

So If you any need further help with marketing your business, it may be a good idea to get in contact with a firm who specialises in local marketing for dentists. They will be able to help and advise you on marketing strategies that are tailored towards your line of work, and will therefore be appropriate for your needs.

Many firms which specialise in local marketing for dentists offer a variety of different marketing packages that are available in a wide range of prices, so they should be able to help you out, whatever your budget.