Marketing For Dentists In Canada

Best Marketing For Dentists In Canada

As a small business owner, you will know the importance of local marketing strategies in attracting new clients to your firm, but as the owner of a small local dental practice, you may not be sure which marketing strategies you should be using, and which strategies are better suited to other sorts of business.

One fun and interesting type of local marketing for dentists which may be of interest to you is to host a “dental day” with a local school or youth club. Not only is this a useful local marketing strategy, but it will also help you to give something back to the local community by helping to educate young people.

As part of a dental day, you can invite small groups of local children to look round your dental practice (when there are no patients around), so that they are able to understand what a dentist does, and what goes on at the dentist. This can actually help a lot of young children to feel less afraid of going to the dentist.

Although some places may not allow small groups of children to visit dental surgeries for health and safety reasons, they are other options for activities on dental days. If it is not possible for children to visit your practice, you can make a funny video which shows every aspect of your dental practice and explains what all the machines do!

A dentist or dental nurse from your practice can visit a local school to explain the importance of dental hygiene to the children, and can teach them the most effective ways to brush their teeth. If the children bring their toothbrushes into school, the dentist or dental nurse can even watch them brush their teeth and advise them on how to improve their techniques.

Working in conjunction with the teachers at the school, or leaders of the youth club, you can organise fun, educational dental related games for the children to play. Make sure that these games are fun as well as conveying important dental messages.

All the children can then take home certificates which say that they have completed the dental day. Making sure that you include your details on it, so that the parents will know who has been helping the children out, is good strategy of local marketing for dentists.

The great thing about dental days is that you are helping the children, as well marketing yourself. If you are as friendly, funny and informative as possible, it is highly likely that the children will tell their parents about you, and this can encourage parents to sign their children up with your dental surgery. If the day is a success, it is more than likely that it will also be covered by the local newspaper, which can help to get you some free publicity in the local area.

With the permission of the school or youth club in question, it can even be worthwhile inviting one of the photographers from the local paper, as a photograph in the paper will gain you even more attention and is another good strategy of local marketing for dentists.

Furthermore, during this period of economic turmoil, it is important for any small business to be able to continue to attract new customers and to retain the old ones. Even the owners of dental surgeries have been feeling the pinch, as many people have been scrimping on their dental care costs by visiting the dentist less often than they should.

However, it is still very important that people visit the dentist regularly, because, as far as the teeth are concerned, it is very important to catch any problems as early as possible, before they become any worse (and therefore more painful, and even more costly for the patient to have fixed). If you are a dentist, or run a dental surgery, you may be interested in some top tips on local marketing for dentists.

Everybody is concerned with cutting costs at the moment, so a lot of consumers are seduced in by deals and special offers. Even if the offer actually only gives the consumer a small discount on one items, people enjoy the illusion that they are getting a good deal or something for free. The aim of a deal or special offer is that it will to get people to take notice of your dental surgery, and once they are aware of your dental surgery, you can continue to impress them further with your excellent work.

If your company has a Facebook page or Twitter account, publicise your deals on there, so that people will be able to share them with their friends. This will help you to get your business even more attention from potential local clients.

As a dentist, you are in a customer facing role for a large portion of the day, so it is essential that you have a good “bedside manner”. Many people are actually afraid of visiting the dentist, so it is essential that you try to be as personable as possible to put your patients at ease. Make sure that your dental nurses and reception staff are also always friendly to all of your customers, so that you can create as friendly an atmosphere as possible.

If customers see good results from their treatment and they have an overall pleasant experience when they use your dental practice, they will be far more likely to tell their friends about you. For a small, local dental surgery, word of mouth can be one of the most effective strategies of local marketing for dentists.

If you any need further help with marketing your business, it may be a good idea to get in contact with a firm who specialises in local marketing for dentists. They will be able to help and advise you on marketing strategies that are tailored towards your line of work, and will therefore be appropriate for your needs.

Many firms which specialise in local marketing for dentists offer a variety of different marketing packages that are available in a wide range of prices, so they should be able to help you out, whatever your budget.