Dental Marketing Wainwright

Would you like to have a record-breaking year financially for your dental practice? If so, implement small business marketing ideas and strategies for profitable results.

Good marketing is what makes the difference between a highly profitable dental practice and one which simply pays the bills. If you’d rather have the former – and lets face it, who wouldn’t? – there are seven basic marketing mistakes to avoid.

Being Generic

When it comes to marketing your dental practice, the last thing you want to be is generic. For generic, think “ordinary, run of the mill, the same as everyone else”. If you want to be profitable , you need to be anything but generic. Try something different: use the things that are unique and different about your practice to develop some kind of brand which sets your practice head and shoulders above the rest.

Take Patients for granted

Your patients are the lifeblood of your practice- but you knew that already. So why are you taking them for granted? Go above and beyond the call of duty with your patients by taking a personal interest in them and making sure they feel comfortable when they attend appointments. Other little touches such as birthday cards go a long way to making your patients feel valued too.

Stop and Go Marketing

There’s little point in sending out one mass mailing and then waiting for new patients to come knocking on your door. To be successful, your marketing has to be sustained: plan a campaign rather than a single assault on your target market, and don’t just market when times are slow.