Dental Marketing Tips

I understand that most dentists go into the profession in order to help people have healthy teeth. It is a great reason to be a dentist. In fact, it is the reason that a person who is interested in dentistry should actually go into dentistry. I honestly do not think that a person who is not interested in dentistry should go into the practice just to make money.

Yet, I do understand that when people become dentists that dentistry also becomes a business. These people obviously have to be able to make a living, so I do not frown upon higher prices than just the cost of equipment used. I understand that I can research the costs, but obviously there is also the cost of labor and dentists have to be able to pay their dental assistants and secretaries as well.

That means that dentists have to have a big enough client base that they are able to make a living and pay their employees. I understand how hard it can be to simply find a decent paying job at times, so it must be extra difficult for dentists to have to run a practice and advertise it as well. That is why I am talking about dental marketing tips.

Of course, the best practice is to be a very gentle dentist. People need to know that a dentist is gentle, so my first dental marketing tip is to include how things are done in the office to make people feel comfortable. Is Novocaine used? Is laughing gas used? Are there other medicines that are used to help patients avoid pain while at the dentist?

Other dental marketing tips I have may be obvious. However, some dentists definitely need these dental marketing tips.

Of course, a dentist can’t be expected to run advertising all by himself or herself. I strongly advocate hiring a person who is a professional in marketing. I also advocate using one of the many dental marketing programs that can be found by searching the Internet.

Obviously, the whole idea of dental marketing is to attract new clients.

So, here are list of dental marketing tips that should help:

1) Make sure that the dental office looks comfortable and clean.

2) Make sure that potential clients know the dentist can help them avoid pain.

3) Make sure that potential clients know any special options the dentist has.

4) Advertise any special procedures done by the dentist.

5) If the pricing is lower than the prices of other dentists in the area, advertise that fact.

6) Advertise if the dentist specializes in children’s dentistry.

7) Also advertise if the dentist specializes in senior’s dentistry.

8) Another good option is true testimonials. People respond positively to these.

9) Much of the advertising is about image. Show the pearly white smiles of clients.

10) Get as much public exposure as possible.

Of course, it is important to use different types of media: print, television, and radio. Not everybody can read, but some people read the newspaper every day. Not everybody watches television and not everybody listens to the radio. By using all of these things for your dental marketing, you’ve pretty much covered all the bases and your client base should grow.