Dental Marketing Companies In Calgary

Looking For The Best Dental Marketing Companies In Calgary

In a crowded marketplace, proper dental marketing can mean the difference between your business rising to the top of the pile or sinking to the bottom and being lost without a trace.

If you are struggling to find and maintain a solid client base, then you may need some extra assistance with your marketing strategy, in order to help you to get your message out to the people who really need to hear it.

Like most important business decisions, one of your first considerations should be your budget. If your dental practice has less than 5 employees, you should find a dental marketing company like that allows you to start small (less than $500 per month) and increase your internet marketing and advertising budget as you grow.

And you will grow. New dental patients have the potential of offering your practice a huge return on your marketing investment. Not only do new patients offer one-time and lifetime revenues, but they also bring family, friends and acquaintances to your dental practice. Friends bring more friends, and so on and so forth.

But don’t get so caught up in the idea of high returns that you lose sight of your fiscal responsibility. By finding a calgary dental marketing company that allows you to start slow, you have the opportunity to test out their services and see if you’re getting your money’s worth.

The same is true for larger dental practices. If you’re in charge of finding a dental marketing company for a large dental clinic, you likely have more money to work with. But just because you have a larger budget, doesn’t mean you need to spend it all at once. Greater spending carries the potential for greater waste.

To avoid wasting your time and your budget with the wrong dental marketing firm, ask them questions like, “Why do you charge recurring monthly fees and what are they used for?” and, “If we decide to discontinue our services a year from now, what are we left with?” Asking tough questions like these will help you determine whether the dental marketing company in calgary, you’re considering is looking out for your best interests.

Unfortunately, not all dental marketing consultants and companies are reputable. Because of the lucrative nature of the dental industry, some internet marketing organizations see dollar signs instead of valued clients and are looking to make a quick buck.

To help separate the good from the bad, ask prospective dental marketing companies if they can provide you with monthly reports that include not only web traffic and conversion statistics, but also information that gives you an idea of where your leads are coming from. Not all successful leads can be traced back to your internet marketing efforts, but reputable dental marketing companies should have some means to track the progress of your campaigns.

When looking at reports, what you don’t want to see in the long run is the vast majority of your leads coming from expensive pay-per-click advertising campaigns like Google Adwords. PPC advertising does have its place in an internet marketing campaign, but once your spending stops, so do your leads. A well balanced dental marketing campaign includes a healthy mixture of paid and non-paid marketing strategies that offer both short term and long term results.

Another great way to determine whether the company you’re considering is reputable is to look for testimonials and reviews about their services, not only on their website, but also on social media sites and in local search directories. Searching Yahoo! or Google using the company’s name in quotes and a keyword like “reviews” is often a good way to do this.

Here are some tips to help you to get the best dental marketing from a company.

Be clear about your message

If you understand your business message (your products and the general ethos of your business), then your marketing company will be able to understand your message too, and this will make it much easier for them to promote this message clearly and concisely. If you clearly explain this to your marketing company at your first meeting, they will have the chance to work on plenty of great ideas to help you to promote your company.

Choose a dental marketing specialist

If you want to get the best possible marketing for a dental business, it is worth spending a little while looking for a marketing company which specialises in dental marketing. These experts will be much better placed to help you than a general marketing specialist would be, because they have plenty of much-needed subject knowledge.

Be willing to listen to ideas

Marketing experts may suggest ideas which you have never previously considered using in connection with your company. Using their previous marketing experiences and analysis of the state of the market in your area, the experts will be able to come up with unique strategies to help your company to promote itself. Take the time to consider these ideas, but always feel comfortable about saying no if the idea is not something that you are happy with.

Build a brilliant website

Having a great website is a very important part of a good marketing strategy. Today, a huge number of North Americans have internet access, and many younger Americans will turn to the internet as a source of information. Many will use dental websites as a place to find out about the types of treatments which are available and the price ranges that your dental surgery will cater for.

Good dental website design should make it as easy as possible for potential clients to find the information that they need to find. As technology is constantly developing, it is also a good idea to consider dental website design which is optimised for users who choose to surf the web on smartphones or tablets.

Invest in a marketing package

Marketing firms often offer special packages for their clients, which are designed to offer these clients great savings if they are willing to invest in extra marketing services.

Buying a combined package such as this can help you to get a more joined up service out of your marketing company, meaning that these strategies are well-targeted and cost-effective.